Lip Augmentation:

To obtain fuller lips that are a permanent correction, implants are available. The implant Dr. Silberman favors is VeraFil™ by Evera. This is a small saline implant specifically designed for the lips to give a natural look. The lip augmentation procedure can be performed in the office, and both upper and lower lips can be done at the same time. Although the procedure is meant to be permanent, it can be reversed by removing the implants. Other options for lip augmentation include fillers, such as Restylane® and Juvaderm®, which are not permanent. Fat can also be used in the lips, and may be permanent, but tends to be unpredictable. For a complete evaluation you can schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Silberman.


Example 1


43 yo female s/p upper and lower lip augmentation with implants.






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