Breast Reconstruction:

Breast reconstruction allows for creating a breast mound to replace a removed breast (usually due to cancer). Techniques vary from autogenous (your own body’s tissue) flaps, to expanders and implants. Consideration to re-shaping the opposite breast with a mastopexy or reduction may also be necessary to better improve symmetry. Breast reconstruction surgery can be performed at the same time as a mastectomy (breast removal), or at a later date. Dr. Silberman can give you a full evaluation at an office consultation. For more information you can go to the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Example 1

Front Before
Front After

Left Side Before

Left Side After

Right Side Before



Right Side After


Reconstruction of the left breast after mastectomy, and right breast reduction. In multiple steps, the patient had a TRAM flap left breast reconstuction with nipple and areolar reconstruction, including tattooing of the nipple and areolar.


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